Dr. Bob Maley Family Dentistry Patient Testimonials in St. Paul, MN

Many thanks to our patients who have taken time to share their feedback on the care they've received. You can't imagine how good it feels to know that doing what we love makes such a difference in our patients' lives. We are humbled and grateful.

“Perhaps the best dental office I’ve been to. Professional, genuine, personable, punctual. Top-shelf service from the front desk to the dental professionals and Dr. Maley himself. Very unlikely I’d go anywhere else.”
— Craig A.

“Dr. Maley has been my family’s dentist for the last ten years. He is a wonderful dentist who takes care of my entire family. He is caring and professional. His staff is wonderful too. I can’t imagine a better dental office.”
— Mark W.

‎“What a great experience. I am a new patient and changed dentists when I moved. After 15 years with my previous dentist, I thought the change might be challenging. From the second I arrived to when my appointment was over and all of my questions were answered carefully, I felt at home and at ease as if I had been a patient for years! Thank you, Dr. Bob.”
— Joanne

“Dr. Maley and his staff are wonderful; my kids often ask when they get to return to the dentist! I’ve never had long wait time for appointments and I can always schedule an appointment rather quickly. I recommend to everyone!”
— Molly M.

“Dr. Bob and the rest of the staff are the best. The service is excellent and the new office is beautiful! An overall friendly, helpful, and professional dentist’s office!”
— TashaRose

“It would be difficult to imagine a warmer, friendlier, more professional place than Dr. Maley’s office. From first encounter through treatment to follow-up, the staff shows an honest concern for the patient’s needs. It is the type of care that one would hope for one’s family and close friends. Dr. Maley’s office would be a revelation if only for the high level of care one receives there, but the warmth of the staff, neighborly atmosphere, and attention to every detail make each visit a truly exceptional experience. Thank you, Dr. Maley and my new friends. You are truly one of a kind.”
— Karl D.

“I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Maley’s practice this past summer and could not have felt more at home. The staff was friendly, helpful, and well-trained, while the aesthetics of the office felt more like a living room than a dentist office, with large, comfortable chairs and flat screens to exhibit the work being performed. Going to visit the dentist was always an experience to dread. However, at Dr. Maley’s office, I can honestly say I received efficient and effective care with a familiar smile. Thank you to all at the office for taking such great care of me!”
— Lauren E.

“Dr. Maley is the best dentist I’ve ever had. I have a disability, so he and his staff make accommodations that make the chair more comfortable for me. Procedures are seldom painful but when they are, Dr. Maley is always willing to stop and change his approach to make things as painless as possible. Dr. Maley is always on time, and the staff is always cheerful and friendly, even when I’m a few minutes late. He is very mindful of the cost of dental work and the amount of insurance I have. We will talk about the things I can afford to have done right now and the things I can wait to have done at future visits. I used to see a dentist in South Minneapolis, but she didn’t care much about my discomfort. She just kept going. I knew from the first time I walked into Dr. Maley’s office, I was in the right place. He is kind, gentle, and patient. And the staff is the best. I so appreciate the reminder of my upcoming appointment by text, email, or phone. I give my highest recommendation to Dr. Maley, the best choice I’ve made in years.”
— Catherine

“Having had a few horrifying experiences at the dentist before, I was more than apprehensive about coming into Dr. Maley’s office. I had looked for a dentist who I could trust and feel comfortable with in a few different states (as we moved a lot), but continued to have less-than-satisfying experiences. Needless to say, I was in tears simply walking into the dental office, feeling the stress and pain of previous dentists and my experiences there. The moment I walked in the door, I was greeted AND COMFORTED by a very warm, friendly, and comforting staff. Everything was explained to me in detail and my options were given to me, making me feel in control and informed. Dr. Maley could tell how upset and nervous I was from my shaking and tears. (Yes, I am a grown woman, but hey; everyone has his/her fears for one reason or another, right?) Dr. Maley took his time and didn’t make me feel rushed at all. He explained things very carefully and answered all my questions. Although I was definitely nervous for my next visit when I was to actually have work done, I felt much better knowing what was going to take place and that I was in control. Again, Dr. Maley talked to me, made me feel a little more relaxed, and took his time while working, all while making sure I knew what was going on and that I was doing okay. I am so thankful for Dr. Maley and his wonderful staff. The trip to the dentist is a much easier pill to swallow now. Who knows? Maybe the trip to the dentist won’t be like pulling teeth after all.”
— Christy W.

“Dr. Jennen is always so positive. She has helped our family for years now. She helps us find the most cost effective solution to any issue that comes up. We highly recommend her.”
— D.A.

“Wonderful! Always a thorough, complete checkup by very friendly, helpful people! You won't find a more conscientious dentist, with your best interest at heart, than with Ann Jennen! Highly recommend!”
— G.N.

“No one delivers dental care better than Dr. Jennen and her staff. Always great service, professionalism and compassion!”
— M.B.