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What sets us apart? We make people feel comfortable (even happy!) going to the dentist. There’s no shaming for not flossing or high-pressure sales jobs. Just a friendly team doing what we love and making a difference in our patients’ lives and health every day.

Welcome to Dr. Bob Maley Family Dentistry

Ask any of our patients why they picked Dr. Bob Maley Family Dentistry, and you’ll likely hear it’s about a feeling … a comfort … a relationship. Tucked on a corner in our St. Paul neighborhood, we know our patients by name and remember what’s been happening in their lives. We share our lives and our expertise. We talk. We listen. We don’t scold you for not flossing, and we keep dentistry comfortable, pain-free, and safe. We let you know what you need to keep your smile beautiful and healthy, and we help you figure out a way to make that affordable.  

We offer a comprehensive array of dental services to care for patients through all stages of life. Whether you’re two years old and ready to meet the dentist for the first time, in your 40s and want to snazz up your smile, or 60 wondering what can be done to keep you chewing another 40 years, our team will take care of you. Our services include complete dentistry for the whole family (kids love us!), cosmetic solutions to enhance your smile, CEREC® same-day crowns, no-shot and no-pain laser dentistry, root canals, implants, and teeth whitening.



At Dr. Bob Maley Family Dentistry, our care goes beyond smiles. Along with our experienced and caring staffDr. Bob Maley and Dr. Ben Thomas are committed to providing you and your family with the most comfortable, pain-free, and effective dental care available. Everything we do in our warm, neighborly office is done so the families of the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Highland Park, MN communities feel confident and at home during your time with us. 

Dental Services in St. Paul at Dr. Bob Maley Family Dentistry

We are committed to providing a comprehensive suite of dental services in St. Paul:

When you’re ready to make Dr. Bob Maley Family Dentistry your destination for a lifetime of bright, healthy, and beautiful smiles, contact our St. Paul dental office. We look forward to getting to know you. Call today!

Our Philosophy of Care
  • We believe people don’t care what we know until they know we care. So we focus every appointment on building relationships.
  • We believe kids should like coming to the dentist (adults too ).
  • We believe pretty much any fear can be handled by taking a little extra time, putting the patient in charge, and working together. There is no place for shaming in a dental office, no matter how often you floss or how long it’s been since you’ve seen a dentist.
  • We believe in the power of smiles: their impact on our health, self confidence, the world. So we do everything we can to give you the smile you want and take care of the teeth you have.
  • We believe in community. We welcome everyone. We give back. We treat you like family.
We'll keep you smiling!
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