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Laser Dentistry

Laser allows cutting-edge dentistry in the most literal sense!

No shot.

No pain.

No shrill drill sound.

No numbness and fast recovery after the procedure.

This probably doesn't sound like any dental procedure you've experienced. Since beginning to incorporate lasers into our St. Paul dental practice, Drs. Maley and Thomas have found more and more ways to eliminate the things that people like least about going to the dentist. And patients are pleased at how quick, painless, and effective the procedures are.

Lasers have been used for many years for skin treatments and eye care, but very few dental offices have incorporated lasers that can be used both on hard (tooth) and soft (gum) tissue. Dr. Maley is not one to incorporate technology for technology's sake, but the benefits fit right in with his conservative philosophy of care.

“One of the biggest selling features for me was that the laser allows me to fix even the smallest cavity without having to cut away extra tooth structure,” Dr. Maley explains. “My laser literally allows me ‘laser focus’ so I can keep small problems from growing into bigger ones.”

Dr. Thomas says incorporating lasers has been a game-changer for kids as well. “The number-one thing kids fear at the dentist is getting a shot. When I tell them we won’t need any ‘sleepy juice’ (kid-speak for Novocain), we immediately become best friends! Most laser filling procedures end with the patient asking, ‘Is that it?!’”

The hygienists welcome the laser’s conservative, painless, and inexpensive approach to healing bleeding and chronically inflamed areas associated with gum disease. “We’re seeing very positive results without the need for antibiotics or a referral to a specialist.”

Here are some of the procedures that can benefit from laser dentistry:

  • Filling cavities without a shot of Novocain
  • Evening out patients' gum lines to enhance their smiles
  • Lasering gum tissue around teeth to make a better fit for a dental restorations and reduce bleeding, swelling, and risk of infection
  • Zapping cold sores (If you come in right at the “tingle stage,” we can laser it before it even emerges, and it will heal up in a couple of days with no medication and never come back at that spot again! )
  • Low laser light therapy helps stimulate healing of tissue and bone
  • Laser bacterial reduction reduces bacteria after a deep dental cleaning and promotes healing
  • Frenectomy—for patients who have a band between their top lip and teeth or who are “tongue tied,” the laser makes this procedure is faster, often without anesthetic, and eliminates the post-op pain and swelling that conventional surgery causes.

So, how does the laser work and is it safe?

Our Waterlase MD™ laser creates special, highly concentrated light energy and sends it through optical fiber to its hand piece. Drs. Maley and Thomas use the hand piece to aim the laser energy and a gentle spray of water at precisely the areas to be treated.  The laser is very safe; however, it can be harmful to eyes, so anyone in the treatment room when the laser is being used must wear special protective glasses.

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